July 25, 2013


Who I Am and the Degree I’m Obtaining

My name is Z, and I’m in the last semester of completing a research-based master’s thesis.

The Purpose and Planned Contents of This Blog

The point of this blog is to function somewhat how the final portion of THIS more extensive blog does for the doctorate in computer science, but for a maser’s in mathematics education. I find Philip Guo’s blog to be IMMENSELY soothing, comforting, encouraging, and inspiring. Reading it helped me to understand that DESPITE the many missteps, I WILL get done and finish and earn my MA research degree! 🙂

Thus, my blog will chronicle the remainder of my journey completing the thesis and earning the MA degree–as much as I have time to record. Whatever I cannot chronicle NOW due to limited time, I hope to go back and fill in after I finish and graduate.

Additionally, via this blog I will be gradually summarizing the BEST of what I’ve learned–from day one–about being as sane and happy a graduate student as possible . . . and about researching and writing. THE PLAN IS TO GRADUALLY FILL IN THE BLANK PAGES here at this blog so that it is a helpful resource. This is how we come to do things better: By learning from our and others’ experiences, taking the time to reflect. 🙂


My journey has been long! I had a tough time with several aspects of becoming a researcher. But . . . I’m coming out very victorious and am elated to say that I’ve learned a lot and am 100% PhD pursuit -ready!

Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to comment and share your wisdom. If you are considering making this same journey toward becoming a researcher, Godspeed! May something at this blog support that endeavor.




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