August 7-8, 2013: Re-orienting to the Proposal ARGUMENT

Troubled Feelings

The proposal is an argument.

With each proposal section and subsection, one needs to be making his or her CASE for the research being proposed.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment by all the random little items I need to do to polish my proposal argument. Also, I’m looking at the late date — August 8th, 2013 — thinking about all of the folks who have been finished with proposaling (and some their entire PhD dissertations) while I’m just trying to finish the proposal for my MA thesis. Students who came in after me have been done and will be “doctors” soon, and I’m still proposaling.

I know I had some setbacks and life issues. Serious ones. But still. Others have surmounted similar issues (though perhaps not while having to work full-time.) Regardless: Deep inhale, deep exhale. 😦

Taking Action: Being Responsible Regarding Emotion Management

Alison Miller, in her wonderful book “Finish Your Dissertation Once and For All,’ says that I can have these feelings and write anyway. Okay, Alison: I’m breathing! (Inhaaaaaaaaaale, exhaaaaaaaale).

I’ve decided that I need to do one of my staple “Livescribe work sessions” (see page image and link to the dynamically playable page below). Critical to the research process is the researcher’s journal. I use, as well as a Livescribe Smartpen and notebook. You can use for free, or you can pay a small yearly fee to have multiple journals (more than worth the money, IMHO). And if you can save up the money to get a new or refurbished Livescribe Smartpen, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it.

Here is a link to my researcher’s journal page. As of now, I’ve only set it up:

Below a picture of the page set-up. I will turn on the voice recorder and talk things out as I journal. I’ll try to remember to upload the final journal page that includes voice audio.

Until Friday!



[Livescribe Notebook 5 p. 112] August 8, 2013 Proposal Work Session


About Z. Sanders

I love to inspire and encourage, and I believe in counting the blessings (one will always be able to find SOMETHING to be down about, if one tries hard enough). A wife, mathematics educator, and mathematics education researcher, I love to learn and love to teach. I'm a tech-o-phile and avid reader, and I love to design and create systems to support creative work. I love trying new recipes almost as much as I love the Spanish language. A complete music aficionado, sometimes I'm a guitar student. I am trying to live with a faith God can SEE (not just one HE can hear). (I first heard this sentiment from Joel Osteen.) I am CONVINCED that kettle belling, line dancing, jogging, free weight lifting, exercise biking, and Barry's Bootcamp are THE combo! (Try it!). Those are important, because, well, if it's seafood or Mexican food, I'm in! Thanks for stopping by! Godspeed with your endeavors, and may you experience joy today. -- "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." -- Bill Cosby

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