August 3, 2013: (1) Great Find!: Free, Good Article on the Underlying Cohesiveness of Research Design, (2) Writing at the Hair Salon, and (3) Today: Saturday, Oh, Saturday!

Find: Clarifying Research Article on Designing Research with the Interrelationship among Epistemology, Methodology, Methods, Axiology, and Ontology

I was a brave writing warrior today (Saturday)! I attacked the methodology section. Dove right in.

In the process, I encountered a very cool article (found it via google scholar). It’s about how to design and propose research with the interrelationship among ontology, epistemology, methodology, methods, and axiology (values) in mind. You can check it out here, and here is the reference for it:

Carter, S. M., & Little, M. (2007). Justifying knowledge, justifying method, taking action: Epistemologies, methodologies, and methods in qualitative research. Qualitative Health Research17(10), 1316-1328.

Anyhoo, I am becoming fearless about attacking this methodology section, the more I remember to follow this pattern:

  1. STEP 1: Do a QWP (quick writing process, a la Sanford Kaye as he explains in his book Writing Under Pressure: The Quick Writing Process) of the section or paragraph.
    • HOW: Sanford Kaye details how to do this, and his book has SO MUCH MORE (it’s goooooood!). But here’s how doing a QWP has developed over time FOR ME: To do my version of a QWP, basically you just pretend like you have an hour before you have to submit something and that’s all you can do: Submit the best you can put together in an hour. You write a quick outline (very quickly) and then just draft what you can, leaving yourself 10 minutes or so at the end to proofread and edit. No time for exact page number citations or any of that. Just get it done. Just imagine that your aim is to just get something down so that the reader has an idea of what you are trying to say and would then so, “Okay. We see where you’re going. We like what you have to so. Go ahead and flesh it out. We want to see the final version.” This works for forcing it out! The key thing is: Set the timer for an hour and keep the timer in your visual field. Get the outline done in 10 minutes. Draft for 40 minutes at the max, and edit for the last 10 minutes. I usually  prefer this to freewriting, because for me (others SWEAR by the power of freewriting), freewriting just produces a SMATTERING of random, wandering stuff I have to wade through and work hard to wade through.
  2. STEP 2: Notice what was hard to write about, and go find sources to skim/revisit/read to clarify your knowledge/thinking about those tougher-to-write parts.
  3. STEP 3: Take notes in Citavi on what you founf to skim/revisit/read.
  4. STEP 4: See picture below –> Paste your QWP version in the “Comment” pane in an Idea Mason “Material” window (or whatever word processor you prefer). Then, revise this QWP version, adding the quotes, notes, paraphrases, citations, you’d recorded in Citavi. Do this revising to the LEFT in the main material editor pane of a “Material” window in Citavi.
  5. Done!
In an Idea Mason "Material" window: Beginner's draft on the RIGHT, space for the keepable honed, draft on the LEFT

In an Idea Mason “Material” window: Beginner’s draft on the RIGHT, space for the keepable honed, draft on the LEFT

Writing While Under the Dryer at the Hair Salon: The Physical Note Card Method Strikes Again! 🙂

I’m meeting a beloved friend–who is in town for a family reunion–for church this Sunday. She has been very good to me for years.

Anyhoo, my hair needed doing, especially given church. If you know me, this was reason for concern: How could I afford to waste hours at the hair salon when I am THIS behind on my project and the deadline is THIS serious?

Well, I’ve gone back and forth over this issue in my mind again and again. Eventually the plan is to “go natural.” My hair dresser assures me that my natural hair is quite beautiful. But now is not the time for me to do anything DRASTIC and time-consuming such as that. 🙂

So I found myself at the salon Friday after work, thinking about how I needed to be writing. However, once I was at the Salon, I was really glad I was there. I love being around the women there. Imagine a scene analogous to this, but about sillier topics, and only the way women could do it! Being there was good for my soul.

And I wrote while I was under the dryer! Believe it or not. 🙂 Yeah. The physical note card method strikes again! (See pics below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Progress Update: Today I Got Started Earlier, Sat There for 9 Hours, and Eked Out Some Paragraphs

The paragraphs were key, and they had had me stalled for a while, so that was a victory. However, it still felt like I had little to show for 9 hours of sitting in the office (of course I had food breaks and such). It wasn’t my my most focused, productive writing session.

It’s concerning when this happens. God was really good to me today, though. He really took care of me: In the middle of the session, a book on my shelf caught my eye. Coincidentally, not too long ago, the author had recently appeared on the Oprah show, talking enthusiastically with Oprah about the book and his experiences. Here’re the excerpts that really did the most for me. I think you’ll agree that this was right on time. God is a really good God. 🙂 Thank you, Father. I’m going to stay in faith and stay positive, committed, and disciplined and work by a faith You can see.

Excerpt, page 118

GOD’S PRODUCTION SCHEDULE FOR our careers is quite simple and can be summed up quickly starting with this verse:

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

–Galatians 6:9 NIV

Excerpt, page 119

Remember the Word says, “The race is not given to the swift.” As I mentioned in my guiding principles, we need to determine how committed we truly are to attaining God’s will for our careers regardless of time. I can’t stress this enough. A commitment to success is not conditional. If God has called you to do it, then you should give yourself over to that process completely, with your heart, mind, and spirit.

Excerpt, page 122

  • Are you willing to pay the cost of your success or are you avoiding it?
  • What is your time frame for reaching your career goal? What happens if you don’t reach your goal in your time frame? How will you respond?

Well! I likely won’t be able to post Sunday (technically it is Sunday anyway), so until Monday, many blessings!



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  1. Thanks for the citation, finding and filing it now!

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