August 2, 2013: MAJOR Progress (woot!) and The Single System of Academic Writing (3 pics)


Excellent news!!! 😀 The section I have been running away from–I’ve been STOMPING it today! Oh, happy DAY!

I shouldn’t be surprised at what’s enabled me to do so. I’ve known of this method for months and months and months now. I just haven’t been DOING it. It’s like I forgot how effective it is. I forgot I even ever learned about it. Uggh! Argh! I hope this post reminds me to NOT STOP doing this method!

Water under the bridge, right? I guess. : /

Anyhoo . . .

What I’ve been doing that’s putting words on the page is implementing the Single Method of Academic Writing, as spelled out in Dr. Peg Boyle Single’s wonderful, PRICELESS book, Demystifying Academic Writing. I’ve described this system at my general academic blog, here. I’m using Citavi instead of Endnote to type my cite-able notes, because if anything is tailored for doing the Single Method of Academic Writing, it’s Citavi, like no other. It’s like Citavi was born for the Single Method. 🙂

Pics below!

ASIDE: Oy, and by the way, I have started a PhinisheD diet, meaning that I can only post at the online research writer’s forum (where I receive MUCH support) in one restricted support area. I’ll allow myself to post just only a 3-sentence post anywhere else at the forum, unless I am addressed by my handle. Then I’ll reply. So . . . this diet has already helped me to save time. Good deal.

What caused me to make this change? Well, a series of things:

  • A post at my main hangout at the forum about understanding your “type” and whether you are the “finisher” type or not. SLAM! Convicted. (But in a good way. My “types” are very good as well. :))
  • That post triggered me to recall something I’d read in Petre and Rugg’s book–something about engaging in instrumental goals (tasks that get you DONE) instead of expressive goals (tasks that show people who you are).
  • I searched those terms at my general blog and a post came up containing my New Year’s Theme (alternative to a New Year’s resolution.) I’d set my New Year’s Theme to be, in short, “I spend at least 85% of my time on instrumental goals and at most 15% of my time on expressive goals.” Hm. Hmph. Harumph. 😦
  • I ended up feeling REALLY BADLY when someone there gently suggested to me that I post less, because my default behavior is to help/invest/input but posting so much is not conducive to finishing. 😦 😦 😦 I am glad the person said this to me. That person was correct. It wasn’t the WORDS that made me feel bad, but their implications. My bad feelings were all about my behavior, and not that person. Because I felt . . . convicted. And because I felt like I’d been engaging in avoidance behavior unawares. And that felt . . . incompetent.

And alright already: That’s enough confessional work today. 😉 I’m taking measures to address this issue, and that’s all one can do. Moving on!

Those pics of me implementing the Single Method of Academic writing using Idea Mason and Citavi are below.

Blessings and take care!




NOTE: Click any photo to enlarge it in another browser. I’ve GRAYED out my paragraphs. They are rough and not publication ready yet. 😉

[8-2-2013 1-13-59 PM] Doing with Citavi the Single Method of Academic Writing
Typing my cite-able notes into Citavi. When you copy and post notes from Citavi into your word processor, the citations tag along! Cool!

[8-2-2013 1-11-03 PM] Strategy of Inquiry Outline

My Idea Mason outline is comprised of paragraph containers. When I click an outline element, its contents display on the right. I can view the draft as a whole or piece by piece! Fabulous!

[8-2-2013 1-08-49 PM] Freewriting+Beginner's Drafting on the Right in Idea Mason

FREEWRITING on the right and then DRAFTING FROM IT on the left in Idea Mason


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