August 1, 2013: Momentum is good. Still want more writing hours! My face is set. :-)


I can’t believe it’s August. 🙂

Well, my momentum is good and my spirits are up. One can NEVER be too grateful for that.

I took this photo this morning: Liquid Planner was up, I had my Earl Grey tea, and I was ready to write. And write I did! (Woot!) Most writing was to continue adding to my methodology section (this has been oh, so slow going :() and to fix my janky “commognition” definition. I think those paragraphs may be  about as “g’nuff” as they’re gonna be. 😉 Moving on!

Using My Outlines and Appendix Item to Write Logically and Pointedly
I'm ready to write. Liquid Planner is up, I have my outlines, and I have my Early Grey Tea.

I’m ready to write. Liquid Planner is up, I have my outlines, and I have my Early Grey Tea.

Using My Outlines and Appendix Item to Write Logically and Pointedly

It’s a weird feeling: I am CERTAIN that things I’m doing today are putting me in excellent shape for being able to work SUPER briskly once I stop working and become my brother’s family’s house guest so I can finish everything up. (Thank you, brother and other family members who are making this possible!)

It’s still scary though to have only eked along as much as I have in the past 3 days. If I’m honest, some of that is because I haven’t stuck to my New Year’s Theme (yeah–pointedly NOT a New Year’s Resolution, see this Thesis Whisperer blog post) to engage in INSTRUMENTAL goals at least 85% of the time and expressive goals at most 15% of the time.

Someone’s post at PhinsheD inadvertently reminded me of that. It is to the fore of my thinking again, which is good. 🙂 Really good. I have expressed my personhood enough. Time to get stingier with time and make sure that each passing day means my word count was upped SIGNIFICANTLY. This means not thinking too, too, TOO much and being genuine in getting “g’nuff” (i.e. good enough) drafts done. Slight revising and editing can be done later if just need be. Yup!

Until tomorrow,



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I love to inspire and encourage, and I believe in counting the blessings (one will always be able to find SOMETHING to be down about, if one tries hard enough). A wife, mathematics educator, and mathematics education researcher, I love to learn and love to teach. I'm a tech-o-phile and avid reader, and I love to design and create systems to support creative work. I love trying new recipes almost as much as I love the Spanish language. A complete music aficionado, sometimes I'm a guitar student. I am trying to live with a faith God can SEE (not just one HE can hear). (I first heard this sentiment from Joel Osteen.) I am CONVINCED that kettle belling, line dancing, jogging, free weight lifting, exercise biking, and Barry's Bootcamp are THE combo! (Try it!). Those are important, because, well, if it's seafood or Mexican food, I'm in! Thanks for stopping by! Godspeed with your endeavors, and may you experience joy today. -- "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." -- Bill Cosby

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