July 29, 2013 Part 2: [A] (How) I Got a Lotta Writing Done Sunday. Yeah, Baby! [B] Liquid Planner Tells Me That Today Marks a Change, an Important Day. [C] Making “Keepable Snack Writing” Possible via Level 3 and 4 Outlining.

. . . NOTE: This post continues from the PREVIOUS post, July 29, 2013 Part 1 (<–click that if you want to view it) . . .

“Dear, Z: Today Marks a Change, an Important Day. Your Friend, Liquid Planner”

So, today marks an important day. Liquid Planner says so. My whole project is a literature review, and according to Liquid Planner, if I don’t SHIFT MY FOCUS and do the prep work to allow for me to begin completing SYNOPSIS forms this week, then I won’t be able to meet the September 25th initial submission deadline. You can see for yourself (click each image to enlarge it in another browser):



Gotta love Liquid Planner!

So, today I need to re-conduct (and thus re-document) my literature search, just to recheck because it’s been awhile since the initial search. This so that soon I can being to judiciously fill out critical synopses forms for each of the studies under review. I am SOOOOOO excited about this. I am working on the project and not just proposaling.

In the past, I felt wrong (bad? guilty? unwise?) to be working on the actual lit review (the FUN part, for me) when the proposal for it wasn’t finished or approved. However, my advisor likes my project and design (I’ve submitted drafts, he’s heard me tell the full story), and he just needs me to finish typing the proposal all out in detail so that he and committee members can approve it!.

I am EVER, EVER, EVER so grateful that Liquid Planner has the . . . knowledge and STRENGTH (robustness) to say to me, “Z, start this NOW or don’t graduate.” If I were today still operating like I was in the past– when I wasn’t using Liquid Planner and using the Gantt chart therein as my reverse thesis calendar–I would not even know how critical of a day today is.

I would have been thinking, “Hmm. Still drafting the proposal. Well. I’ve got a few months. I’d better try again this week to keep the proposal the priority. Maybe I can finish it this week. And then maybe I can start the actual process of lit reviewing next week. Yeah. That sounds like the wise thing to do.”

But no, it’s oh, so, NOT the wise thing to do! And with Liquid Planner I know this for sure since

  • I have entered into Liquid Planner how much thesis-related work time I have available each day (4 hours), and Liquid Planner takes that into account when I enter tasks and attach time estimates for them.
  • In Liquid Planner I have been timing myself on tasks and have thus discovered how long it ACTUALLY takes me to, for example, process an article. And I have around 15 articles to process. And Liquid Planner knows this.

So if I don’t start soon, Liquid Planner is telling me that I then I WON’T finish the lit review in time to submit the first draft. That has a domino effect that in the end means no MA degree. Mm.

Needless to say, TRULY do I find Liquid Planner just indispensable. It just works. As I cross off tasks, it automatically updates my Gantt chart and recalculates my finishing time/date. Love it! Grateful FOR it.

Well, I’ve shared more than enough for one day. I may let this post suffice for today’s AND tomorrow’s and maybe even the NEXT day’s posts. We’ll see.

In the meanwhile . . . many blessings to you! I’ll be typing notes about how my day(s) off from posting here fares, and I’ll use those notes to post about it. Many vibes for whatever you’re endeavoring to accomplish!

Take care!



About Z. Sanders

I love to inspire and encourage, and I believe in counting the blessings (one will always be able to find SOMETHING to be down about, if one tries hard enough). A wife, mathematics educator, and mathematics education researcher, I love to learn and love to teach. I'm a tech-o-phile and avid reader, and I love to design and create systems to support creative work. I love trying new recipes almost as much as I love the Spanish language. A complete music aficionado, sometimes I'm a guitar student. I am trying to live with a faith God can SEE (not just one HE can hear). (I first heard this sentiment from Joel Osteen.) I am CONVINCED that kettle belling, line dancing, jogging, free weight lifting, exercise biking, and Barry's Bootcamp are THE combo! (Try it!). Those are important, because, well, if it's seafood or Mexican food, I'm in! Thanks for stopping by! Godspeed with your endeavors, and may you experience joy today. -- "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." -- Bill Cosby

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