July 27, 2013: Writing the Aims Section after Being Stalled the Past 1.5 Weeks . . .


So this is where I’m at, deadline-wise. Click on the image to enlarge it (opens a new browser window).



By employing the strategy I discussed in yesterday’s daily journal post, I am starting to get un-stalled in my writing. I got a plan together. How I did so in Liquid Planner is demonstrated in the video below.



So I’m Papering-and-Penciling It for a While Today . . .

I am OUT of the computer at the moment: It’s not about typing sentences right now; It’s about pre-writing–giving my mind the tools and resources it needs to determine what it wants to write and how to proceed.

Here are a couple of images of the beginning stage of this prewriting, papering-and-penciling process for the AIMS section today:

color-coded prewriting on a 5x7 lined sticky note

color-coded prewriting on a 5×7 lined sticky note

color-coded prewriting on a 5x7 lined sticky note

color-coded prewriting on a 5×7 lined sticky note

I’ll augment this post with an update at the end of the day, Lord willing.

In the meanwhile, it’s go time!



About Z. Sanders

I love to inspire and encourage, and I believe in counting the blessings (one will always be able to find SOMETHING to be down about, if one tries hard enough). A wife, mathematics educator, and mathematics education researcher, I love to learn and love to teach. I'm a tech-o-phile and avid reader, and I love to design and create systems to support creative work. I love trying new recipes almost as much as I love the Spanish language. A complete music aficionado, sometimes I'm a guitar student. I am trying to live with a faith God can SEE (not just one HE can hear). (I first heard this sentiment from Joel Osteen.) I am CONVINCED that kettle belling, line dancing, jogging, free weight lifting, exercise biking, and Barry's Bootcamp are THE combo! (Try it!). Those are important, because, well, if it's seafood or Mexican food, I'm in! Thanks for stopping by! Godspeed with your endeavors, and may you experience joy today. -- "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." -- Bill Cosby

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